Artist/Creator: Donna Parise

I studied art/design for  4+ years in college and dabbled in creating and selling my work for the past 20+ years but never made it a priority.


The unexpected year of 2020 and personal tragedy led me back to creating full-time. It became my therapy and helped me to find a HAPPY place in my mind and soul which led me to finally establish "happy stART creations". 


Acrylic and watercolor paint has always been my medium of choice but during the pandemic, I discovered the magic and versatility of concrete.


To help clear my head during this difficult time, I created a zen garden with colorful concrete pathways in my backyard. I love when I realized I could create my own concrete colors and change this gray, cold, hard material into beautiful shapes and colors, it became my new obsession.  




I started creating planters, candleholders, trays, coasters, etc. that can be used inside and outside.


Many of the shapes/molds I use are found around the house or recycled containers. All shipping boxes are recycled, as I always try my best to re-use and recycle. 

This site will eventually have ALL my artwork available for purchase. 


I love creating and experiencing new mediums, new forms, new colors. That is reflected in my spectrum of different art which include acrylic paintings, watercolor paintings, marbled paper and painted on photography. 


I hope you enjoy my work and help support artists like myself, that want to spread their creativity to others. A "one of kind" piece also makes a great gift. 


Commissioned work can be requested.


Please email me at: for more info. 

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